Band Leader, Lead Vocals, Guitar, Bass

Victor Alarcón is a self – taught musician who blends his art and talent with the rhythmic and harmonic diversity of many music genres.

Over the years, the desire to express feelings and transmit these through music became more evident as he began composing his own work.

This eventually lead him to the acceptance that having a gift or talent, it is very much like a flowing stream. It cannot be stopped or contained. It must flow unhindered.

Many artists and many styles have influenced him, from mainstream pop to classical music, so it would be unfair to name only a few. All of them have contributed towards his development and growth as a performer.

At present, Victor leads this exciting musical project called Mora with the purpose to reach out to captivate a wider audience and make a difference.

He has performed  at many known concert venues and festivals in Europe and the Americas.

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